Business development is based on the philosophy the company believes in. In early 2017, UMG Investments conducted a business transformation and adopted a new mission, a vision, and company values. The event agency Ant ® Hill helped the UMG Investments to breathe life into the new values and not leave them as a "beautiful text" on the site.
What a twist!
The Ant ® Hill team have developed an adventure with an unpredictable finale. The three closely interrelated events were created for the UMG Investments employees. Each of the story line was devoted to the new values of the company. And it all started in September 2017 ...
Nothing is accidental
The first event was devoted to the most important value—responsibility. Each employee of UMG Investments received a special invitation: a magnet with an information "when, where and what time" the event would take place. All they ought to do was to bring it on the X day and hang it to the Tree of Values, which was already waiting at the City Hotel.
To be continued
We don't know whether the UMG Investments team had time to rest from the emotions received at the first presentation of new values, but the Company's Birthday came ... This time the Ant ® Hill agency focused on two values: a pushfulness and the importance of teamwork.
To fulfill the tasks of the host, UMG Investments collective was divided into several teams. The more tasks each team performed, the more "time" it got. The earned "time" was exchanged for additional magnets for the Value Tree. The restaurant "Olympic" received guests for the main celebration of the Company birthday.
All that jazz...
Money, cards, dancing till the dawn.
After two days of intense corporate work, it was necessary to rest well.
At the third event, the task was achieved: the Values Tree, as a sign of acceptance and strengthening of the company's new values, was filled with magnets completely, and hence the hearts of all employees of the company. P.S. By the way, residents of the house who did not get to the celebration in the restaurant "Monaco" called police. So the holiday was noisy and fun!
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