We love our work, but mostly we love the opportunity to immerse in a particular market features and enrich ourselves with new exciting knowledge while organizing business events.
And immersing in gastronomic art, quality products, and cooperation with successful people is awesome!
Especially when, in a month, you realize that the organized event has become a TOP in its market segment and even began to shape it (as evidenced by a study of the BHT brand).
Actually, that's why we dived with the head, soul, and body into the ideas, organization, and holding of the METRO Chef Forum 2021. And we share the atmosphere in the video.
And of course, thanks METRO Horeca, you are cool! Restaurateurs, you're fabulous! Bosses, you're incredible!
Team, you are cool: organizers, speakers, directors, console workers, decorators, hostesses, security, doctors, stagemen, helpers, location and technical representatives, catering! And we are getting cooler next to you!
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