Pit stop в Киеве
Change tires in 30 seconds - a task from the field of fantasy. We saw this only at the professional races. And what about to hold such a replacement, keeping within this time, in the center of Kyiv? And besides, at the busiest intersections of the capital? The promotion was developed within the launch-campaign of the tire brand Premmiori. The task of the action was to remind drivers of the timely transition from summer tires to winter ones.
The mobile pit stop was installed at the main intersections of Kyiv. The tires changed for the car stopped under a red signal of a traffic light on a busy intersection for a time until the "green" signal started. We did not find an analogue of carrying out such an advertising campaign either in Ukrainian or in international search facilities. Even when the concept was conceived, we ourselves did not fully believe in the likelihood of its implementation. But the pressure and the desire to go to the victorious end helped to realize the project and make an absolutely unprecedented promo activity for Ukraine.
We made a replacement exactly in 30 seconds. The role of an independent judge, measuring time, performed by traffic lights, the red signal of which lasts exactly 30 seconds, and as spectators there were drivers who stopped at the intersection. guerrilla action quickly "smashed" over the network. The result was more than 100 publications in the media, and the "viral" video got in the rotation of the leading automobile groups and channels. Over a few days, the video gained more than 200,000 views.
The Promo had a very serious cumulative effect, which significantly affected the sales of the unknown to the Ukrainian consumer brand.
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