A complex technical solution for the TRC “Manufaktura” in the Sumy city. The task assigned to the agency had a very serious goal, but the solution went beyond the ordinary event-component.

Our agency faced with the difficult task of organizing a permanent support for the first modern shopping and entertainment center in Sumy.

Day and night a large area in front of the shopping center should "function" while it is desirable to have the opportunity to place information and advertising materials of landlords and the whole shopping mall as a whole.

The solution was found, a large facade wall, the area of which is 770 square meters (and this is almost a football field), has become one of the largest media carriers in Ukraine.

Its feature is that at the day on the facade you can see a static image imitating the city of shopping, and at night, it comes to life and all objects begin their movement.

Unexpectedly for the viewer in the drawing room the curtains open, and football players disappear on the football field and the trailers of the newest films come to replace them.

The combination of complex mapping and graphical solutions made it possible to realize such an extraordinary, but very interesting project.

But we did not stop there either. At the main entrance there was an art object, which on the one hand is read as the name of the SEC "Manufacture", but it is worth switching to the other side, and the Manufacture will turn into a word "Lifestyle".
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