Ant Hill has been involved in the development of promotional activities aimed at opening of the seventh anniversary pizzeria Mamamia. The main criterion of the result was the filling of the restaurant with seventy percent of visitors from the first day of work.

The agency team developed a program to maximize the effect of the action, create an information opportunity, attract journalists and maximize the coverage of the target audience.

The search for uniqueness was crowned with a developed campaign, which is based on non-standard communication.

A month before the opening, a message appeared on the streets of the district: "Now pizza lives in your area." A bright teaser board without branding and logos, in which pizza literally jumps out onto the street, certainly attracted the attention of residents.

The highlight of the program was an unusual promo activity. According to the scenario, the pizza was looking for its new house - pizzeria Mamamiya. Already a week after the announcement, the residents were waiting for a new surprise: several huge pizzas were running along the streets of the micro district - pizza, which played an interactive show. Running into public transport, pizza-man asked the passengers how to get to "home", they asked the driver to stop in the proper place - near the pizzeria. They stopped a taxi and found out from pedestrians where the new pizzeria was located.
Apogee of the campaign was the production of the biggest pizza in Ukraine, which was recorded in the national record book.

The diameter of the pizza was seven meters, and the area of the culinary artwork was commensurate with the size of a one-room apartment.

200 kg of dough, 100 kg of cheese and more than 20 kg of Italian acute sausage - pepperoni were spent on pizza making. The total weight of the pizza was more than three hundredweight.

After setting the record, the pizza was divided into 4950 standard pieces and was eaten by the guests in an hour.

At the opening of the restaurant came more than a thousand pizza lovers, representatives of the media, as well as observers were seen "agents" of competing pizzerias?

Analyzing the data on the visit to the restaurant, five days after the opening, we are pleased to state the full implementation of the marketing goal set.
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