It all started with an unexpected idea. Ant © Hill agency proposed to combine epochs, looking into the past, where Grawe took its origin, and drawing a line with the present, perhaps even looking into the future.
The future was successfully read from the upcoming online trends. A controlled drama was needed, the format of which is successfully used in various kinds of cultural “battles” or “battles” of cultural ones.
So imagine… Kyiv National Botanical Hryshko Garden. Sunset. The leaves are falling. The light wind is blowing. The honored National Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine is on the scene, located between the trees. You can hear the classical works of great Austrian composers. But soon, the rhythms of modern electronic music were mixed by DJ Chirkov. People begin to be more active, merry. The ball-battle started…
Honorable Grawe representatives from different countries welcomed with a pleasure the classic overture, mixed with a rather quick dub-step. It is difficult to imagine how the protocol regulates the behavior during the symphonic dub-step, but Mrs. Ambassador Hermine Poppeler even applauded.
Who we are
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