Creating projects with humanity, kindness, support, and efficiency and writing books that improve the attitude and quality of life is a big step towards changing for a better world.
And it is a huge responsibility to take part in creating the presentation of the Love Politics project and the book "A life in pleasure.”
To admit honestly, we worked on the event program with pleasure from the very beginning to the end, as if we were following in the footsteps of the presented book 🙃 And everything turned out just as subtly and emotionally filled with good. It's even difficult to describe, but we will try👇
Sensual sublime action, atmospheric 360-degree INTRO-SHOW, the delightful performance of a symphony orchestra, enchanting images of individual choreographic performances ✨
We can confidently be proud of our new collaboration with the beautiful author of the book, Alexander Palienko, author of the Love Politics project, Nicole Kustovskaya, and photographer Stanislav Bartnikas. It's great when you have a subtle sense of the client, make something extraordinary, and your work allows you to join the change in the world towards pleasure ❤️
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